@WashwoodMAT - 31 Mar
Welcome to our end of term newsletter. On behalf of the Board and the Trust leadership, sincere thanks to everyone at the Trust for their continued hard work, some of which you can read about below. Graham Parker, Chair of Trustees and Pete Weir, CEO.
@WashwoodMAT - 30 Mar
@WashwoodMAT - 30 Mar
The Great WHMAT Oracy Lesson with our students from , and today.
@WashwoodMAT - 31 Jan
What a great start to the week! Really busy in school today with our launch of , led by our wonderful Mrs Redmond 😊Then visitors from to see our practice in teaching Oracy!
@WashwoodMAT - 30 Jan
Great to be at today with colleagues from for a school study visit! Opening message from CEO Pete Weir ‘Simple message about Voice 21, just do it!’
@WashwoodMAT - 30 Jan
It's been a pleasure to welcome our visitors into school today, showcasing oracy at Brownmead!
@WashwoodMAT - 30 Jan
Opening speech from CEO Pete Weir on the Trust's Oracy journey. It's been a pleasure to host a team of schools commissioned by the Government of Jersey who are now heading off to our primaries.
@WashwoodMAT - 30 Jan
We have moved to this model since September 2022: we are convinced that this is the way forward for local governance in our Trust. Happy to share our experience.
@WashwoodMAT - 13 Dec
Thank you Brownmead for 2 fantastic Christmas events. The EYFS nativity and the choir concert. Amazing effort as always.
@WashwoodMAT - 8 Dec
Thank you Emma! Brilliant stuff
@WashwoodMAT - 8 Dec
Thanks to colleagues tonight for having me along to talk all things subject leadership.
@WashwoodMAT - 6 Dec
Amazing evening at St Paul's church. The quality of each school's performance was truly amazing. Well done to all school's, especially two of our very own. Christmas officially started tonight.
@WashwoodMAT - 30 Nov
Another day of 5 foundations attendance training in association with 64 attendees. Brilliant and busy!
@WashwoodMAT - 29 Nov
Also chatted to the old boss but he wasn't very talkative!
@WashwoodMAT - 29 Nov
A great evening at the launch of the BIG project. Bringing the neuroscience research closer to classroom practice, one step at a time. Even had a moment with Big Ben.
@WashwoodMAT - 27 Nov
WHMAT shares its story of the last 18 months at the 'MATPN' conference, held at Heathrow on 22nd and 23rd November.
@WashwoodMAT - 27 Nov
Our CEO, Pete Weir and Director of People, Michelle Gabriel presenting our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy at the Conference.
@WashwoodMAT - 22 Nov
💬 Speaker Announcements South brings together some of the most influential speakers from across the sector. This year’s speaker programme includes:
@WashwoodMAT - 29 Sep
It's not just incredible webinars on offer to celebrate ... There's expert Voice 21 teacher guidance, resources and challenges available to get your students speaking like a specialist. Best of all, it's free! Sign up to receive them 👇
@WashwoodMAT - 28 Sep
Thank you to for a lively and engaging insight into the art of effective subject leadership with all of our primary teachers. We look forward to the next 2 sessions.